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How is your vision

Naaman’s vision may not be so different from any of us today. Some have experienced great exploits, while others have achieved outstanding victories, but just as Naaman, we all have a flaw or two. Achievements and failures at times cloud our vision. Our self-worth is overvalued, which can remind us of how fragile we can be. Humility is the best tool for proper perspective.

A snapshot of Naaman’s story is told in 2 Kings 5:2-13. However, the housekeeper to his wife held the knowledge to his deliverance. In verse two, she (the servant) told of the Prophet Elisha, who could bring about Naaman’s healing.

Naaman’s position afforded him privileges and favor among men that was unparalleled; however, these accomplishments did not bring him sound health. In 2 Kings 5:11, We see the evidence of Naaman’s over valued self-worth. His expectation was to have this grand procedure that was worthy of man of his stature. However, the dipping in the Jordan River was not what Naaman envisioned as his means of being cleansed.

Naaman was angry and went away and said, Behold. I thought he would surely come out to me and stand and call upon the name of the Lord his God, and wave his hand over the place and heal the leper.

Naaman’s anger was misplaced because his expectation was due to his self inflated ego. His servants asked why the Jordan River was not adequate and that how he was cleansed was not as important than the result of him being cleansed from leprosy. In our walk with God humility can keep our vision from being clouded with inflated self-worth.

When Naaman followed the instructions from the prophet, his flesh was restored like that of little child, and he was clean. What area of your life needs cleansing? How is your vision? Seek the counsel of the God in your quiet time, listen and obey.