Alaska Men's Ministries

2013 Men’s Summit

  • Oct 05

    Starts: October 5, 2013 @ 8:00

    Ends: October 5, 2013 @ 14:00

    Place: 6689 Changepoint Dr Anchorage, AK 99518

Alaska Men’s Ministries is excited to bring up David Eckman,  pastor,  author of numerous books,  international speaker,  and faculty member at Western Seminary.  One of his books,  “Becoming Who God Intended”  is the theme of his Summit message.  Additionally we have 10 local pastors from different churches in the Anchorage area leading workshops on a variety of topics of interest to men such as pornography,  parenting and life passages to name a few.  Get a group of guys together from your church and head to the Summit and end the year becoming the Man God Intended.

We have some great breakout workshops such as:

  • Dan Krause: “Pornography, the New Drug” – Temptation, Addiction, Guilt, Pleasure, Shame, Brain on Porn, Recovery, Living in a porn saturated world. We’ll have a candid talk about all this.
  • Bradley Bergfalk: “What I wish I knew about parenting, but was afraid to ask” – Parenting is challenging. Being a father requires a different set of competencies depending on the age, gender, and developmental stage of one’s children.
  • Mike Alverts: “Becoming Kings” – We’ll explore the seasons of masculinity described as shepherd, warrior and king.
  • Mark Goodman: “Selfless Living” Luke 9:23 – Christ calls men to live for Him and not for self. That is why we are to love our wives as He loves, submit to all out of reference, and cease exasperating our children. Come get a crash course or refresher on the importance of selfless living.
  • Steve DeLisio: “Discipling” – Help men encourage the spiritual growth of other men. 2 Timothy 2:2: “And the things you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.” Every believer needs someone to help him grow in the faith and, in addition, needs to help at least one other to mature in his walk with God.
  • Tom Letts: “Dads ‘n Daughters” – God grants new and exceptional graces to fathers as they parent adolescent daughters (if only the daughters received that text message). We will take a look at biblical, developmental and sociological factors that both bring hope, patience and peace to an often strained portion of our parental history.
  • Dan Jarrell: “Manapause: Finding purpose in the “sage” season of life” – So you’ve built your business, completed your career, raised your family and
    accomplished your primary goals in life . . . What’s next?
  • Keith Bergstrom: “Healthy Marriage, Maintaining a Strong Foundation” – We hear of many marriages that do not last, and some couples are together in name only. How do you have a strong, ever deepening marriage? There are concrete things that all men can do, if you want.
  • Randy Gladden: “Your Money and Your Future”
  • David Eckman: “The Discipleship of the Heart” – God the Father wants us to have a willing heart. How do we cooperate with the Spirit of God to have one? We will discover the surprising answer to that question.