Alaska Men's Ministries


Recognizing that we are blessed is important, however being blessed requires us to fully embrace Matthew 5:3-11, The sermon on the mount. It is descriptive before it is prescriptive. It describes what the Christian is before talking of what the Christian should do.

The passage gives us a description of character followed by an explanation of what makes us ‘blessed’. As God’s people we are ‘poor in spirit’ , meaning that we acknowledge our spiritual short comings and the need of Grace.

The world is full of sorrow, in which we ‘mourn’, We are ‘meek’, not boastful or arrogant. We ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness’, meaning we long both to be and to do what is right and just. We are ‘merciful’, living in response to the mercy of God shown to us.

We are ‘pure in heart’, living under the light of gospel, forgiveness and holiness. We are ‘peacemakers’ , lovers of peace and makers of peace. And we are persecuted for the sake of what is right, reviled for the truth.

By faith we display these characteristics and that we fully embrace them through obedience. The Kingdom of God is a matter of the heart; and it has to be a matter of the heart before it can become anything else.